Software package Easy2Boot
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Download Easy2Boot

Download Easy2Boot

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Download Easy2Boot 1.98

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Easy2Boot 1.98 description

Just consolidate all of your utilities and installation ISOs on a USB flash or HDD with Easy2Boot. Easy2Boot makes it possible to have a single device that is capable of booting numerous ISOs, is highly configurable and will even boot up a UEFI system with no Legacy Bios available. An additional feature also worthy of note is partitioning your boot device to not only boot a system but have an additional partition for customer data storage. Making an Easy2Boot Flash or HDD a highly useful tool for system migration, installation, backup and restoration. Now that we have our USB Flash/HDD formatted, with a boot loader and Easy2Boot installed, it’s time to add our payload files (ISOs)! Go ahead and open the file system, look in the ISO folder and you will see that everything is categorized, go ahead and start copying over your ISOs into the proper folder. To effectively boot an ISO using UEFI strictly, the ISO needs to be compatible in the first place. You can tell this by opening the ISO and seeing if it has the following file structure: EFIBOOTBOOTx64.EFI or EFIBOOTBOOTia32.EFI. So in essence, you just cannot take any old ISO and expect to boot to it from UEFI, it must be built for it. Easy2Boot itself is just a collection of grub4dos batch files that you can add to a grub4dos bootable USB Drive - it is NOT a Windows or linux application. Once you have made the grub4dos bootable USB drive and copied over the Easy2Boot files, just add any bootable payload files. Latest features : Supports animations, stamps and large fonts (v1.79) Windows utility SWITCH_E2B.exe allows you to switch to any .imgPTN file from Windows (NTFS drives only) Update to the latest version of E2B in a few seconds using UPDATE_E2B_DRIVE.cmd. Includes E2B_Editor utility to design your own E2B menus and TXT_Maker to make .txt menu entries. No need to install RMPrepUSB to make an E2B multiboot USB drive. Boot directly from Windows To Go or WinPE .VHD or .WIM files. Boot multiple linux OSs (fully installed OS's, not just LiveCD's/ISOs). Easily create fully automated Windows 7/8/10 installs by booting from unmodified Windows Install ISO's (XMLtoE2B)