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iMagic Hotel Reservation 4.29 Shareware 2010-11-25 $249

Indir iMagic Hotel Reservation 5.90

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iMagic Hotel Reservation 5.90 description

Reviewing iMagic Hotel Reservation, which is a booking and customer management system for small hotels. For this review I wanted to look at the features available and the cost. I also wanted to consider how this software would help in practical terms, that is does it help me do my job any better. The features in summary are payment tracking, customer list management, reserving rooms, online bookings and a daily or grid reservation view. There are many other smaller features, but I think those give the overall view. For example I also quite liked the ability to customize the receipt and confirmations that can be created, however for the length of the review I am not able to list them all. It works well and I didn't have any major issues. I could book, view and set up the system. Working day to day with it is quite simple since it's fairly simple to use, with the major functions available on the toolbar. I would have liked to have been able to email confirmations directly from iMagic Hotel Reservation. However I could only create an email to a customer. So I'd have to copy/paste the confirmation from the file or attach it to the email. It's not a big issue, but something for a future version. In terms of cost it does well too. Most software I looked at in this area charged in some way or other per booking (or another was per room). iMagic Hotel Reservation didn't do this, which works out far cheaper in the long run. The purchase price is $249 which also makes it comparable in the short term. In summary it's well worth a look (they have a trial version on their website), and is one of the better systems available. It works on all versions of Windows including Windows 7.