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FlyVPN Install Shareware 2011-10-21 $10

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FlyVPN Install description

FlyVPN Client is a user-friendly VPN application which helps you setup your VPN connection. You can access the blocked websites, hide your real IP, surf fast and anonymously by just a few mouse-clicks. You don't need to know anything about computer or network technology to use our VPN service. None of other VPN service providers has such an easy-to-use VPN Client. Of course, if you are an expert you can enjoy more customized features, such as "Customized Routes", "VPN For Special Application" About FlyVPN FlyVPN is a leading VPN service provider that help our people from all around the world enjoy Free Internet thought fast, secure and reliable servers. We have hundreds of servers and IPs all over the world to help people access restricted resources and protect their privacies. Access restricted resources and unblock websites Access Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/Hulu/ABC/CBS/Netflix when you left USA Unblock ICQ, MSN, SkyPE,VOIP etc Korea/USA Online games Access Change/Hide your IP/anonymous surfing VPN for iPhone,iPad,Android,mac Play USA World-of-Warcraft/Knight and other online games using a USA VPN Play Korean StarCraft/Aion/World-of-Warcraft and other online games using a Korea VPN Play Taiwan StarCraft/World-of-Warcraft and other online games using a Taiwan VPN Speed up Internet connection across countries or ISPs, enhance network security. Protect your privacy when you are using a public Wi-Fi or Hotspot Connect to your office or home using a faster VPN server when the direct connection is slow