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TMS Aurelius 3.13 description

TMS Aurelius is a framework for Delphi which comes with support for data manipulation, complex or advanced queries, as well as inheritance and polymorphism. Aurelius brings all benefits an application can obtain from using an ORM framework: · Productivity: Avoid complex SQL statements that can only be verified at runtime. Code directly with objects. · Maintainability: Clearer business logic by dealing with objects, hiding all the database-access layer. · Portability: Easily change the underlying database - all your business code stays the same since they are just pure objects. Features : Several database servers supported (MS SQL Server, Firebird, MySQL, DB2, Interbase, Oracle,...) Several database-access components supported (dbExpress, AnyDac, SQLDirect, ADO, IBX,...) Multi-platform solution - Win32, Win64, Mac OS X, VCL, FireMonkey Saving, updating and loading of entity objects in an object-oriented way TAureliusDataSet for easy and fast interfacing to DB-aware controls in VCL Queries - Powerful query API using criteria expressions, projections, grouping, conditions and even logical operators in a LINQ-like approach Inheritance mapping and polymorphism - map a full class hierarchy into the database Cross-database development - use a single Delphi code to target multiple databases in a transparent way Choose from classes-to-database approach (creating the database structure from classes) or database-to-classes approach (creating classes source code from database, using TMS Data Modeler ) Mapping directly in classes using custom attributes Association mapping Lifetime management of objects using object manager Cached and identity-mapped objects Automatic database structure generation Nullable types support Lazy loading for associations and blob fields Allows logging of SQL commands Allows mapping enumerated types to database values Open architecture - easy extendable to use different component sets or database servers